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Do you know what nutrigenetics is?


  Nutrigenetics is a branch of medicine that aims to study our genes in order to characterize a nutritional therapy based on the specific needs of each individual person. How does it work? A saliva sample is taken with a small swab, similar to a cotton swab, and sent to a specialized genetic laboratory that [...]

Do you know what nutrigenetics is?2022-11-11T15:14:13+01:00

What is semaglutide?


Semaglutide is a drug analog of the hormone GLP-1, a hormone secreted in the intestine after meals and which confers satiety as well as regulating sugar metabolism. It is used with different dosages, indications and pharmacological form in the treatment of diabetes and obesity.   How does semaglutide work in the treatment of obesity? Semaglutide [...]

What is semaglutide?2022-11-11T15:27:45+01:00

What is PRX-T LADY?


What is PRX-T LADY? It is a medical device that allows biorevitalization and lightening of external intimate areas without the use of Needles.   What is the PRX-T Lady used for? It is a medical device that allows you to treat chronoaging and hyperpigmentation of the external female intimate areas, the perianal area, the mammary [...]

What is PRX-T LADY?2022-11-11T15:37:17+01:00

Rhinofiller. What do we need to know


Rinofiller is an aesthetic medicine procedure that aims to correct aesthetic imperfections of the nose with the use of an injectable filler, usually hyaluronic acid. With the injection of a filler you can correct some defects such as the hump (aquiline nose) or the tip by making a "camouflage" of the defect itself and softening [...]

Rhinofiller. What do we need to know2022-11-11T15:54:25+01:00

What is a Fruit Mask?


What is a Fruit Mask? It is a delicate mask, with natural ingredients, derived from fruit: banana, strawberry and cucumber   What is the Fruit Mask used for? It is a product to be used alone or after treatment with PRX-T33 needle-free biostimulation to: Have a superficial peeling effect of the skin Give brightness to [...]

What is a Fruit Mask?2022-11-11T16:18:03+01:00

What is cellulite?


Cellulitis or edematofibrosclerotic panniculopathy (PEFS) is an alteration of the subcutaneous adipose tissue that originates from microangiopathy. There is a slowing of the flow in the microvessels of the subcutaneous connective tissue, venous stasis, increased capillary permeability and intradipocyte edema, up to the formation of nodules. Cellulite manifests itself as a blemish on the skin [...]

What is cellulite?2022-11-11T16:26:24+01:00

What is carboxytherapy?


Carboxytherapy is a medical therapy that consists of the administration of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) with a very thin 30G needle at the intradermal and subcutaneous level. What is Carboxytherapy for? To reactivate microcirculation To improve skin elasticity To stimulate collagen To break the adipocyte membrane with consequent lipolytic effect   What are the indications? [...]

What is carboxytherapy?2022-11-14T10:13:48+01:00

How do you do a swab for COVID-19?


How do you do a swab for COVID-19? The test to detect the presence of SARS-COV2 virus infection is performed by taking a sample of secretions from the nose or throat with a swab. The greater the amount of material taken, the greater the probability of detecting the presence of the virus.   What is [...]

How do you do a swab for COVID-19?2022-11-14T10:36:10+01:00

What is lifting liquid?


Liquid facelift is a non-surgical aesthetic medicine procedure that aims to rejuvenate facial features, simulating the effects of a surgical facelift.   Liquid facelift: what does it consist of? To carry out a liquid facelift, mixed methods of aesthetic medicine are used, customized according to the patient, which may include the implantation of dermal fillers [...]

What is lifting liquid?2022-11-14T10:57:55+01:00

Professional teeth whitening How does it work?


Professional teeth whitening How does it work.? - Bleaching (English term that means "whitening") is a professional aesthetic treatment, indicated to treat dental discolorations that may occur during the life of an individual. Teeth whitening can be carried out both on vital teeth and on devitalized teeth (which have darkened due to tooth death).   [...]

Professional teeth whitening How does it work?2022-11-14T11:30:00+01:00
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